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OpenMRS Android Client User Guide

This is a guide for users to familiarize themselves with the OpenMRS Android client.

This guide is both: a starting point for new developers who want to contribute to the Android Client; and as a reference to problems which developers may face. It contains detailed descriptions of all the features along with how one can use them.

This guide will have FAQs, Troubleshooting, Glossary and Contact sections which will be helpful for any user facing problems.

What is OpenMRS?

OpenMRS is a patient-based medical record system focused on giving providers a free, customizable Electronic Medical Record system (EMR).

The mission of OpenMRS is to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform.

More details can be found in official page and github repository.

Motivation for OpenMRS Android Client

In hospitals and clinics there aren’t many computers and most of the work is done manually. It involves a tiresome work to maintain patient records manually.

Market share of Android phones is around 82%. Due to cheap prices and popularity of Android phones, Android apps can be used to do the work easily and efficiently. We can also use some features provided by phones - such as camera, GPS and voice recording - to make the app even more useful. This is also an especially suitable solution for developing countries.

An Android app which functions smoothly, and makes hospital/clinical staffs' work more effective and efficient, is needed. Instead of using a large-sized computer which allows little flexibility, the clinical staff may use Android phones/tablets.

  • Related discussion can be found here.
  • If you want to contribute, issue link is here.
  • The guide is hosted here and deployed by Travis (see the build status at the top).

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