What is the OpenMRS Android app?

You can find out what the OpenMRS Android app is and the motivation behind the creation of this app here.

How do I get started?

You can find information about installing and using the app here.

How do I login to the test server?

You can find out how to login to the test server here.

I'm having trouble logging in.

If the login button is not green make sure you have a session location selected. If you can't select a session location, double check that you have the correct URL address entered.

If the login button is green and when you click it it says: "Incorrect username or password. Please try again." Reenter your username and password and try again. If you are still unable to login please contact your administrator.

Which features are currently implemented?

You can find all of the implemented features and how to use them here.

Can I use modules?

Currently there is no support for modules.

How do I disable server sync?

Tap the cloud icon in the top left corner. This should pop up with a message that says "Sync Off." To turn server sync back on, just press the button again.

What is server sync?

Server sync allows you to automatically sync your data on the app with the data on the server.

Can I change the server configurations through the app?

It is currently impossible to change server configurations from the mobile app. If you want to do this, you'll have to do it from the web interface.

What does this word mean?

You can find a glossary of common terms this app uses here.

Who should I contact if I'm having a problem?

Contact information can be found here.

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